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UPDATE: A New Health Care Star Is Born – Altais

Blue Shield invests in new company to help strengthen physician practices by helping doctors focus on patient care that’s sustainably affordable and professionally gratifying


Editor's note: This version updates an Aug. 23 release on Altais.


Blue Shield of California has given a name to its new company – Altais.

The company, named after a star, has been in discussions with potential partners to launch services and tools to help physicians and their practices reduce administrative burden and spend more time with patients.

Altais is also in discussions to eventually provide primary and specialty care services.

“There is an urgent need to fix our healthcare system that’s become too expensive for individuals and families, all the while more and more of our physicians face burnout and fatigue due to mounting administrative burdens,” said Paul Markovich, President and CEO, Blue Shield of California. “Altais is an antidote to these challenges. We are supporting the physician-patient relationship with innovative tools and services that’ll result in improved care delivery while tackling rising healthcare costs.

Altais is led by President and CEO Jeff Bailet, M.D., who spent the past two years as Blue Shield’s executive vice-president of Health Care Quality and Affordability.

Dr. Bailet has deep experience dealing with challenges physicians face running modern practices today. He is also immersed in federal policy regarding innovative payment models, serving as chair of the Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee, which advises the federal health secretary.

The company has hired a leadership team that has an interesting mix of health care and startup experience to guide it through its development and growth, including chief operating officer Matt Miller, M.D., MBA, who joined from Landmark Health; chief financial officer Claire Tamo, who joined from a division of Kaiser, and chief human resources officer Ruth Hendrickson, who joined from Blue Shield.

“When Blue Shield of California made the bold decision to create and invest in Altais, it felt like the stars had aligned,” Dr .Bailet said. “We are dedicated to enhancing the vibrancy of physician practice and strengthening the heart of medicine – connecting with patients and providing personalized, high-quality care..” 

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