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Digital Health Records are Improving Care in California

Manifest MedEx, a statewide health information network is growing and improving healthcare in California, a gathering of healthcare providers and influencers heard Tuesday night in San Francisco.

Just as roads and railways support the economy and the internet supports the technology boom, the state’s health information exchange has the potential to support significantly lower healthcare costs, improve patient care and enhance the work that physicians and other providers do to treat patients.

paul commonwealth
Blue Shield of California Chief Executive Paul Markovich addresses the Commonwealth Club on Dec. 11

“We need an infrastructure where digital information is comprehensive, real time and available to all appropriate users, including the patient, treating physicians and health plan.” said Paul Markovich, president and CEO of Blue Shield of California.

That’s exactly what Manifest MedEx is doing, said Claudia Williams, the organization’s CEO. Manifest is a nonprofit utility based in Emeryville, delivering patient information for approximately 11 million Californians.

Manifest has partnerships with small and large provider groups, health systems, and health plans including Blue Shield of California, Inland Empire Health Plan, and Anthem. Participation is accelerating as providers and hospitals move to value-based care focused on patient outcomes instead of straight fee-for-services.  

Most recently, Stanford Health Care, San Diego-based Scripps Health, Southern California hospital network AHMC Healthcare, Northridge-based Heritage California, and San Ramon-based Hill Physicians joined Manifest, which now has more than 200 healthcare providers and hospitals participating statewide. At Tuesday night’s event (12/11) at the Commonwealth Club, Williams was joined on stage by Lisa Suennen, a well-known Bay Area venture capitalist, to talk about the value proposition that Manifest MedEx presents to improving healthcare and lowering costs.

“Both (health insurance claims) and clinical data are essential to help us drive to value-based care,” said Williams, who has previously worked for the Obama administration as senior advisor for Health Innovation and Technology.

California is now making significant strides toward having its own statewide health  information network. Early next year, $50 million in state and federal money will be used to fund further participation in non-profit health data networks.