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Standing for Equity: Blue Shield’s Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council Responds to Recent Events

As part of of the plan's Shield Cares giving campaign, the company is offering a $2 match for every $1 donated by employees through the end of June

Blue Shield's Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council is responsible for  holding the company accountable for its diversity and inclusion goals. D&I business leaders  volunteer to participate, represent their areas, and embed diversity and inclusion into their teams’ work.

Recent events of racism and violence against the black community are a hard reminder that we have tremendous work to do in correcting the systemic inequities in our health and social systems. As leaders of our company’s Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council, we are proud of the work Blue Shield of California already has done to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable experience within our company, including:

  • Ensuring there is no pay gap by ethnicity or gender 
  • Hiring diverse leadership: three of the eight executives who are direct reports to our CEO are African American; 40 percent of our board of directors are ethnically diverse
  • Implementing rigorous diversity practices in hiring and professional development
  • Creating robust employee resource groups that empower, grow and support a diverse and inclusive culture

Blue Shield’s commitment to support our black employees and other underrepresented groups and their communities has only grown stronger. We have asked our employees to use their voices, influence, platforms, and power to make a difference for others and help drive change through allyship.

Our Black Employee Network (B.E.N.) is designing a virtual forum for fellow employees to share and heal, and every employee resource group is working to make a difference. Throughout the year, B.E.N. members volunteer and provide philanthropic support to community nonprofit organizations that are taking action against racial injustice and inequity in California. And, as part of our Shield Cares giving campaign, the company is offering a $2 match for every $1 donated by employees through the end of June.

These actions are just the beginning. We know we can — and must — do more.

Blue Shield stands against injustice and stands for equity. We ask you to join us in standing for what’s right. Stand as an ally, stand for hope. When we stand, it brings us together.

The Blue Shield Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council

Jeff Robertson, Chair
Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer

Patrice Bergman
Vice President, Specialty Markets

Hugo Florez
Vice President, Provider Network Management

Kimberley Goode
Senior Vice President, External Affairs

Pradip Khemani
Vice President, Global Business Services

Keith Kim
Vice President, Application Development

Eddy Moreno
Director, Growth and Retention
Blue Shield Promise Health Plan