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In the News: BlueSky Expands Its Programs to Face Pandemic and Protests

KGTV in San Diego reports on Blue Shield of California's BlueSky program aimed at counseling youths

KGTV in San Diego reported on additional resouces Blue Shield of California rolled into BlueSky, its effort to provide additional counseling in two of California's biggest metros. The staion's Jared Aaron's wrote:

Joel Castro

Kids and teens struggling with their mental health during the Coronavirus Pandemic and weeks of protests over racial injustice have a new way to cope.

BlueShield CA has expanded its Blue Sky program, increasing funding to local mental health organizations and giving kids a platform to share tips on dealing with anxiety and depression.

"There's a greater need now than ever," says Blue Sky Program Manager Amanda Lasik. "There's a greater need to speak to youth voices and listen and learn from what's going on."

According to the CDC, 7.1 percent of kids age 3-17 have been diagnosed with anxiety, and 3.2 percent of kids in the same age group have been diagnosed with depression. Experts believe those numbers will rise because of the pandemic and protests.

As part of the expansion, Blue Sky partnered with to launch the "New State of Mind" campaign.

Read the full story and watch the video here.