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Blue Shield of California’s Wellvolution Program Wins Brand Innovation Award

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association recently announced that Blue Shield of California won the coveted annual Brand Innovation Award for its Wellvolution platform. Wellvolution, an end-to-end digital therapeutic network for holistic health, demonstrated outstanding performance among Blue plans across the nation. Wellvolution was recognized as an exceptional, distinctive program on four criteria: Brand impact, business impact, originality and scalability.

Kim Stotler 02_201906251635
Kim Stotler lost 19 pounds with the help of Wellvolution health apps

The award went to Wellvolution because of its ability to improve members’ health through its comprehensive network of health solutions that are personalized to the member. Members can prevent, treat and even reverse their chronic health conditions, all while enjoying an engaging and effective user experience.

In 2019, Wellvolution had 10 million member interactions and delivered positive health metrics for members using weight-loss and condition treatment solutions. The design of Wellvolution’s technology platform and financial model allows it to grow exponentially to absorb thousands of new members, without any additional company headcount or other administrative or incentive costs. This efficiency results from a 100 percent pay-for-performance model that requires providers to meet predetermined outcomes in order to receive payment for their services.

“For members, this Wellvolution award demonstrates Blue Shield’s industry leadership in helping members get access to health solutions that give them positive, preventive strategies while they are well, so they can optimize their health, or treat and reverse chronic conditions for those who live with ongoing health concerns,” said Angie Kalousek, director of Lifestyle Medicine.  “We’re not just a health plan for when they are ill. We’re an inclusive health plan for members at all stages of their health journey.”