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California Moms and Babies to Benefit from New, Enhanced Mobile Health Apps

Collaboration between Wildflower, Care1st and the California Health Care Foundation extends critical health knowledge to Medi-Cal beneficiaries

Mothers and babies across California are about to experience a new level of support thanks to a unique collaboration that puts vital health education resources right at their fingertips. The initiative between Wildflower Health, Care1st Health Plan (Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan effective 1/1/19), an affiliate of Blue Shield of California, and the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) is designed to ensure that Medi-Cal families have access to the information they need to make important decisions about their health care.

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Using Wildflower’s mobile health platform, CHCF and Care1st can reach Medi-Cal recipients with timely information that could make a significant difference in their health care.

To start, Wildflower will incorporate CHCF’s new health education resources on cesarean birth (C-sections) across Wildflower’s free Family Health app. The resources are part of My Birth Matters, a patient education effort created by CHCF, the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative, and Consumer Reports that aims to educate women about the risks associated with C-sections and reduce their chances of having one unnecessarily.

“We were thrilled when Wildflower reached out to us to explore how they could promote the My Birth Matters resources to more women through their mobile health app,” said Stephanie Teleki, PhD, MPH, director of learning and impact at CHCF. “By incorporating these materials into their offerings, Wildflower is helping to reach more women with important health knowledge that can enable them to make informed decisions about their health.”

The same resources will be made available to Care1st providers and consumers by year’s end through Wildflower’s Due Date Plus for Care1st app. This is especially notable given that Care1st Health Plan, an affiliate of Blue Shield of California, specifically serves Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Historically, a large portion of women enrolled in the program are from the groups most vulnerable to adverse birth outcomes.

“We believe that one of the best ways to reduce health disparities is by making sure that Medi-Cal members and other underserved populations are informed about the risks and choices they have during their pregnancy,” said Tanya Dansky, MD, chief medical officer for Care1st. “That’s why being part of this collaboration is so important to us. It exemplifies the potential for health innovation to reach these populations with information that can improve their health and well-being and the quality of care they receive.”

The health resources being incorporated as part of Wildflower’s content expansion will eventually become part of an array of free mobile offerings that other health care networks across the country can also access.

“It’s so important that new moms and families have the information they need to make the best health care decisions,” said Leah Sparks, CEO and founder of Wildflower Health. “It’s only natural that we would want to join forces with CHCF and Care1st to ensure that we’re putting the best tools and resources in the hands of as many women as possible to ensure healthier outcomes for them and their families.”

About Wildflower Health

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About Care1st Health Plan, an affiliate of Blue Shield of California

A plan dedicated to members first, Care1st Health Plan was founded in 1994 by a group of providers, organized medical groups, and hospitals with the heart of the community at the forefront of their minds. This team came together to create a pro-member health care delivery system that has grown to nearly 500,000 members. Acquired by Blue Shield of California in 2015, Care1st offers Medi-Cal, Cal MediConnect, Medicare Advantage HMO, and Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans. For more information, please visit our website at


About the California Health Care Foundation

The California Health Care Foundation is dedicated to advancing meaningful, measurable improvements in the way the health care delivery system provides care to the people of California, particularly those with low incomes and those whose needs are not well served by the status quo. We work to ensure that people have access to the care they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford.