How the80 Works

How It Works 

As part of the Health Reimagined initiative, the80 transforms how Community Health Advocates (CHAs) use data to create opportunities for action in their work with patients, providers, and community-based organizations. 

• Make the connection between community-centered data and chronic illness in seconds applying mySidewalk’s automation infrastructure, CHAs simply enter their patient’s ZIP Code into the platform to generate a report specific to that community. Each report also includes local data on the prevalence of chronic illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, asthma, diabetes, cancer, and mental and behavioral health. Chronic illness data is accompanied by a brief review of academic research to provide a comprehensive report that links social determinants to health outcomes.

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• Translate data to action with clinical providers and community-based organizations After selecting a ZIP Code, CHAs select the social determinant of health that is most relevant to their patient’s needs. 

o Housing

o Food Access & Insecurity 

o Transportation 

o Community and Context 

o Education 

CHAs can then further customize the report for their target audience: clinical providers or community-based organizations. Content in each report is adapted to equip CHAs with best practices for communicating about and framing social determinant information for each audience. These reports are web-based, interactive, shareable, ADA accessible, and mobile optimized.

Advocating for change with the80 

The80 is the culmination of a series of design sessions with CHAs and supports the following outcomes: 

• Build insight into community factors that may affect patient health ZIP Code level data on specific social determinants allows CHAs to use the80 to assess what community-level factors may influence a patient’s needs. the80 provides a starting point for learning about community context that CHAs can then further develop through assessment and exploration of patients’ lived experiences. 

• Support CHAs in facilitating discussions about social determinants of health the80 equips CHAs with the information they need to spark new discussions in and outside of clinical settings, identify innovative approaches to care planning, and build momentum to address the root causes of health inequities. With the80 CHAs can influence change by partnering with communities and sharing data that can inform strategy and focus efforts.

• Enhance advocacy and engagement with providers and community organizations CHAs can use the80 to build insight into the community-level factors that are the root causes of health. Each report provides data and language that CHAs can use, in collaboration with community members and providers, to advocate for changes in practices, programs, and policies to promote health equity.