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Your Health in the Palm of Your Hand: Blue Shield of California Is Reimagining Health Record Access

New Member Health Record creates a single source of truth for all your health information.

This news release is also available in Spanish.

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Member Health Record on the Blue Shield website

OAKLAND, Calif. (June 26, 2024) – Blue Shield of California is launching its new Member Health Record, which will improve the way users access and interact with their health information — all within the Blue Shield member app and website. The new health record feature will combine all of a member’s health data from their medical history and allow them to view and use it electronically. 

“Simply put, this is health care the way it should be,” said Paul Markovich, president and chief executive officer at Blue Shield of California. “Our new Member Health Record is a huge step in our journey to empower members to make informed decisions, more easily manage their health care and ultimately live healthier lives without having to ask permission, navigate multiple physician and hospital portals, or rely on antiquated technology like fax machines.”

An initial version of the Member Health Record will be released to a select group of Blue Shield Medicare Advantage members. By the end of the year, all Blue Shield of California members will have access, which will be enhanced with additional features and data from more healthcare providers throughout 2025.

Upon release to all Blue Shield members in 2024, the Member Health Record will include:

  • Access to health records available to Blue Shield, including lab results, immunizations, diagnoses, conditions and more.
  • Access to historical health data shared with Blue Shield, even prior to Blue Shield membership.
  • Connections between clinical data and resulting claims.
  • Personalized health reminders for important tasks such as preventive care, well-being tips and more — and the ability to seamlessly add to calendar.
  • Downloadable health record that can be shared, printed and emailed.

Planned enhancements for 2025 include:

  • Dependent health record visibility to support children or elder care.
  • Personalized benefit recommendations, such as a no-additional-cost diabetes treatment program.
  • Access to care management plans for members with acute or chronic health conditions.

By compiling these features into a single experience, Blue Shield eliminates the often-frustrating need for multiple health apps and, more importantly, improves members’ visibility into the “big picture” of their health. The Member Health Record’s breadth of features and data partners will offer patients one of the best health app experiences available in the market today.

The Member Health Record draws near real-time information from Blue Shield’s cloud-based data hub, the Experience Cube, which brings together data from multiple healthcare-related sources. Members will also be able to share medical, pharmacy, lab and claims information with their care teams and loved ones.

“We exist to make it easier for our members to live their healthiest lives, and we know that actionable data is critical to enabling that,” said Jigar Shah, chief marketing officer at Blue Shield of California. “This is a perfect example of how we can use technology to improve the quality of care and create a more holistic, personalized, high-tech, high-touch healthcare experience.”

To learn more about Blue Shield of California’s Member Health Record, watch this video.


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