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In The News: Paul Markovich Talks Collaboration, Digital Innovation At Fortune Brainstorm Health 2023

Healthcare delivery is undergoing a digital transformation. Digital health solutions have the power to improve outcomes, simplify the healthcare experience, and make care more accessible and affordable for members. And as Blue Shield of California President and CEO Paul Markovich shared at the Fortune Brainstorm Health conference in Los Angeles last week, an ecosystem approach to care – one rooted in collaboration – is required to provide better quality healthcare experiences while keeping costs down.

Paul Markovich joined by panel of healthcare leaders at FORTUNE Brainstorm Health in Los Angeles on April 26, 2023

Joined by Russell Glass, chief executive officer of Headspace Health, and Dr. Ashwini Zenooz, chief executive officer of Commure, with Deena Shakir of Lux Capital moderating, the trio discussed how digital health solutions are improving the care experience for consumers today and why tech-driven partnerships are a critical piece of the puzzle.

Markovich spoke about how digital health solutions, including Blue Shield of California’s Wellvolution platform, are helping Blue Shield of California members have easier access to behavioral health support, like the services offered through Headspace Health’s Ginger. Through the Wellvolution platform, Blue Shield of California members have access to Headspace Health’s on-demand mental health support via smartphone with behavioral health coaches, and licensed therapists and psychiatrists. 

“Because health care is incredibly complex, the human body is complex, and we tend to live our lives through our devices today, it’s incredibly important to meet people where they are,” said Markovich. “It was a natural need to have a set of tools on our Wellvolution platform for people to access.” 

Markovich added that, through Headspace, 70-80% of people who reported having moderate to severe depression in 2022 also reported experiencing significant improvement, thanks to the tool. 

Glass went on to note that he looks for key factors when considering who to partner with throughout the healthcare industry, specifically pointing to his experience in Headspace working alongside Ginger. 

“Are the organizations coming together aligned in what they’re actually trying to go out and accomplish?,” Glass said. “[Mental health] is hugely stigmatized, so you need to have a brand that people are willing to adopt.”

Watch the full panel here, and learn more about Blue Shield of California’s Wellvolution tools and its offerings here