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In the News: Youth Mental Health and the Role of Activism

Blue Shield’s David Bond joins the Michelle Meow Show to discuss the link between activism and mental health.

David Bond, Blue Shield of California’s director of Behavioral Health and Lifestyle Medicine, was recently appeared on the Michelle Meow Show, hosted by the Commonwealth Club of California. As part of a panel discussion, Bond spoke about youth activism as a way to address mental health challenges among young people.

“Oftentimes the thing that can help all of us get through a personal crisis is within us all – the issue is figuring out the way to unlock it,” shared Bond.

“Hope is not an emotion, it’s a system or a belief … it’s like ‘I have a plan” … it’s something I believe in and think that I can get there. That has been some of my best mechanisms for getting through the wreck that was 2020!”

Watch the entire show here: