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In the News: How to Prepare for the Tripledemic During the Holidays

KFRG radio featured Blue Shield’s Dr. Malaika Stoll on staying healthy this season.
Malaika Stoll
Dr. Malaika Stoll

Health officials across the country are mobilizing to help stop the spread of the tripledemic, including COVID variants, seasonal flu, and the respiratory virus known as RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). Cases for all three viruses have spiked during the colder months of the year, causing illnesses, hospitalizations, and even deaths.

Dr. Malaika Stoll, senior medical director for Blue Shield of California, shared why we are seeing an increase in cases and top tips to stay healthy, with KFRG radio reporter, Vicki Pepper.

“We are seeing more cases than usual … perhaps due to the fact that we’ve worn masks for several years and our bodies didn’t get the exposure we might normally get.”

“The most important thing to do is stay updated with the latest vaccines. The vaccines expose our immune system, we don’t get sick from them, but we get protected from the infection. It’s a great way to keep yourself and your family safe.”

Hear/Read more of Dr. Stoll's tips on staying safe this holiday season.