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Blue Shield member Teresa, a new mom, found postpartum support and access to trustworthy resources with Maven

Teresa accessed Maven for free through Blue Shield of California and found the support she needed after the birth of her daughter.

Teresa, a new mom, used Maven to augment and fill in the gaps in her postpartum care after she had her daughter. Teresa accessed Maven for free through Blue Shield of California and found the support she needed from her dedicated Care Advocate, a pelvic floor physical therapist, and an infant sleep coach. 

Blue Shield member Teresa Bruce

Postpartum support when she needed it
When she was about 37 weeks pregnant, Teresa felt anxious about her impending due date—and remembered an email she had received explaining her free access to Maven through Blue Shield of California. She downloaded the app and was immediately impressed. “My Care Advocate reached out to me quickly with lots of availability and gave me a full understanding of the services,” Teresa remembered. “And I thought, ‘Are you kidding me? I could have been using this the whole time.’” But ultimately, Teresa felt her timing in discovering Maven was perfect. She had been diligent in her preparation for labor, doing research and enlisting the support of an in-person midwife and doula. However, she didn’t have the time to do the same research for her life postpartum. “My Care Advocate quickly helped me book a pelvic floor physical therapist after my labor. My first appointment was eight days postpartum, which also coincided with my first day going out of the house.” 

Lining up this postpartum support turned out to be crucial. On the day of her Maven appointment, Teresa was having a hard time with breastfeeding and was feeling the pressure of new motherhood start to build up. She left the house for the first time but soon realized that her Maven appointment was coming up. “I was going to rush home for my 30-minute appointment, but  I remembered it was virtual and I could easily take it from my phone,” Teresa said. She ended up taking the appointment from her car, without the need to scramble to get home. Her experience with the physical therapist was informative and affirming. “She asked, ‘How are you?’ And I wondered, are all of her first appointments with new moms half therapy sessions, half appointments? Because that’s what it turned out to be.” More than anything, Teresa appreciated the support and attention from her Maven provider to talk through her transition into parenthood: “It was so nice and helpful.” 

Teresa had three appointments with her Maven providers and received comprehensive messages after each session with additional resources. 

Easy access to trustworthy providers and resources
For many new parents, finding resources for support can be overwhelming during a stressful period. Teresa found that Maven providers are easy to reach and available whenever she needs them. “The providers’ range of availability is great because you can squeeze in quick 30-minute appointments whenever you have a break,” Teresa said. Like many new parents, Teresa has questions about her newborn all the time. Maven providers and content are an easy way to quickly find answers without leaving the house or sifting through information online. 

For Teresa, Maven is a necessary addition to her in-person providers. “It doesn't replace your OB-GYN or your midwife, but it supplements those appointments,” Teresa explained. “Questions pop up outside of my appointments with in-person providers. It’s so nice knowing I can reach out to Maven for a quick call and get an answer.” Teresa was also thrilled to realize the depth and breadth of Maven’s provider network, including wellness coaches, career coaches, and infant sleep coaches. “Having a sleep coach is unique and huge,” Teresa said. “I have a newborn, so I met with the coach who gave me great tips and provided a four-month guide. It was just wonderful.” 

Now, any time a friend tells her they’re pregnant or struggling with pregnancy or parenthood, Teresa recommends Maven. “You have all these providers at your fingertips, so you’re not stuck searching for one.” 

Navigating in-person and in-network referrals 
Maven is filling in the gaps for Teresa’s unique needs as she navigates new motherhood. “It’s so specialized. Maven gives me what I need right now,” Teresa said. When meeting with her virtual pelvic floor therapist, she encouraged Teresa to book an in-person appointment with a therapist at the six-week postpartum mark, knowing that appointments fill up quickly. Teresa then told her Care Advocate that she was looking for a pelvic floor therapist in her area that was covered by her insurance. “My Care Advocate got back to me in 24 hours. The team had two people working on it, which blew me away.” Teresa was very impressed with the turnaround time and the ease with which she could access both virtual providers and get in-network referrals through Maven. “It was one less thing nagging at me, at a time when I could barely keep up with laundry, feedings, and sleep.” 

Her experience as a new mom has inspired her to share what she’s learned. Teresa decided to start an Instagram page focused on providing tips and building community around motherhood. Her support from Maven has only cemented how important it is to help other parents going through their own journeys. When a colleague at work with insurance through Blue Shield of California told Teresa she was pregnant, Teresa immediately told her to download Maven. “Two days later, she messaged me and told me she already had a meeting with a provider,” Teresa said. “It’s so great sharing that access and creating the ripple effect of better support for pregnant people and parents.” 


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This story originally appeared on the Maven website and was reprinted with permission.