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Blue Shield of California California’s COVID-19 Vaccine Network Expands to 6 Million Per Week

As the third-party administrator (TPA) of California’s COVID-19 vaccine campaign, Blue Shield of California continues to enroll additional providers to increase the capacity of the network. The network now has the capacity to handle 6 million vaccines per week. The network includes more than 2,400 vaccination sites, adding more than 200 locations since March 31. The network now provides coverage to 99% percent of Californians.

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The latest list of participating vaccine providers can be found at this link

Newly enrolled providers include hospitals, both in large urban regions like Los Angeles and Alameda Counties as well as in rural areas of San Bernardino County. The new providers also include additional Homebound Care providers, community health clinics serving lower-income patients, and several additional pharmacies across the state, offering Californians a wealth of trusted providers from which to choose. 

Last week, the TPA announced the successful transition to the state’s enhanced COVID-19 vaccine provider network; at that time it had the capacity to administer 5.5 million doses a week. The continued expansion of the network will help to save more lives.

Blue Shield is a nonprofit health plan that’s answering the call by the state to support its vaccine distribution efforts to help save lives. The health plan is working closely with each county, their public health leaders, and state officials to build a vaccine network to help meet the state’s goal to ensure all Californians have access to the vaccines equitably, efficiently and as quickly as possible.

The health plan is taking on this effort at cost without making a profit from the state. Blue Shield is not charging the state for its staff time devoted to this effort. It will only bill the state actual expenses to support the network up to the limit of the contract.

More information about Blue Shield’s support of the state’s efforts can be found at this link.