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Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Features Wellvolution Nationally

Blue Cross of California's wellness program signed up 22,000 members in its firs few months

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, the national organization of Blue Cross and Blue Shield affiliates around the country, features Wellvolution, the wellness program available to members and employees of Blue Shield of California.

Wellvolution is a big idea that started in a small place—literally first sketched out on a napkin. Bryce Williams, Vice President of Lifestyle Medicine at Blue Shield of California, says that early brainstorming is where the first ideas for a personalized health and lifestyle care platform emerged. 

Williams says everyone knows diet and lifestyle choices can be the most clinically effective, most cost effective, least risky and least invasive options to prevent and reverse disease. Yet he says too many people find it difficult to identify and invest in change-making choices. He says, “We had to go back to the drawing board and ask, ‘What really matters to people? What’s a different way of approaching this?’”

Eighteen months later, those questions led to answers with the launch of Wellvolution, a digitally-based lifestyle, medicine and health platform each member can customize to meet individual goals and needs. Williams calls it “DIY Health,” because members can choose which options they feel will help them tackle issues including stress management, sleep management, diet and nutrition, physical activity, preventing cardio-metabolic diseases like heart disease, or even in some cases, reversing chronic conditions. Members state their goals, then choose from more than 30,000 services to help them achieve those goals. The programs are all free for participating members. 

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