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In the News: Terry Gilliland Talks About His Cancer Diagnosis and Journey to Recovery

Blue Shield of California's chief medical official tells his story to UC Davis

Dr. Terry Gilliland, the executive vice president of healthcare quality and affordability at Blue Shield of California, was diagnosed with cancer. He recounted the diagnosis, the surgery and the recovery to UC Davis Health. 

“They did a phenomenal job,” Dr. Gilliland said. “You can’t tell I had a chunk of my leg taken out, and Dr. Randall expects me to recover 95% of the strength in my thigh.  Some of the muscle has atrophied, but my leg works extraordinarily well.”

Dr. Terry Gilliland

That’s a good thing for the 61-year-old Gilliland.

“I like to run,” he said. “I was running 2.5 miles two to three times a week before surgery. I also like to swim.”

Today, he’s running 2.2 miles and continues to gain strength in his leg. Last summer for the first time he tried wake surfing behind a boat and swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco in what’s called “Sharkfest.”

“And I didn’t get a shark bite on the other leg,” he joked. 

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