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Sandra Clarke to Forbes: My Goal Is to Save $100 Million in 3 Years

Blue Shield's CFO says cost savings will fuel lower premiums and greater community investment

Blue Shield of California's chief financial officer, Sandra Clarke, told Forbes she's aiming to slash $100 million in administrative costs in three years. Clarke said she's leaning on data

Clarke Sandra_1
Sandra Clarke

analytics, automation and data analytics to find more efficiency in the organization. Read the full interview here.

"There’s a lot of potential in both healthcare delivery and finance for artificial intelligence and automation to take on rote tasks, enabling people to focus more on meaningful touchpoints. We are using it in some of our actuarial analysis now. In addition, we are investing, directly and in partnership with other Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, in companies that are using these technologies to make sustainable and measurable changes for members and providers. I think there will always be a high human touch in healthcare delivery, but the more we can use technology to reduce stress and paperwork for providers, the more they can focus on improving the health and well-being of the patient."